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Hello and welcome to 100percenthublot! Here, under this domain, the Hublot Community website is being created. Until the final page is finished in autumn 2019, this temporary website will be online.

Who we are.
We are united by our interest and passion for Hublot and the watches from Nyon. The community unites all people who are interested in Hublot, from owners to watch enthusiasts. 

What we are.
This community is independent, non-commercial and open to everyone free of charge. 

The beginning.
The Hublot Community was born a few years ago because passion is always greatest when you share it with other people. From the beginning, the community idea was supported by Jean-Claude Biver and Ricardo Guadalupe, who of course are also active in this community. And so some Hublotista teamed up and formed the basis for this steadily growing community. We are now of the opinion that the Hublot community needs a central place on the net: our upcoming website.

Our Community.
The future community website should be our central place to meet, exchange and make appointments online at any time and where all information about the community, the Hublot brand and of course the activities and events of the community as well as much more can be found. We also want to share the knowledge and experience of the community and make it accessible to all members.

Our community is based on the rules of mutual respect, decent manners and tolerance. It doesn't matter who someone is, what you believe in, where you come from, what you know or how many (Hublot watches) you own. Everyone is equally welcome.

Last but not least, we experience the most beautiful and intense moments in our activities and events in real life, to which we would like to cordially invite you. Only a registration for the community is necessary and already possible on this temporary page.

We are looking forward to meet you in the community!

Invitation by Jean-Claude Biver

Hublots Owner Service Portal

Every owner of a Hublot can register his watch(s) directly with Hublot. We recommend this because, in addition to extending the warranty, it also includes other great services such as the direct commissioning of a watch inspection if necessary, the possibility of reporting the theft of a Hublot watch and information on official Hublot.

A click on the header will take you directly to the Hublot Owners Service Portal on the Hublot website.

News & Events

The online activities of our Hublot community are still young and the work on the final website is currently taking up a lot of time. Nevertheless, we…

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In October 2019, Hublot presented a very special variant of the Big Bang MP-11 at the SIAR, the Salón Internacional Alta Relojería, which takes place…

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The online activities of our Hublot Community are still young, but we are happy to present you the first Community Newsletter today.

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Hublot is known for the courage to use even the most unusual materials in watchmaking. This often goes hand in hand with the development of new…

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If you are dealing with Berluti for the first time, it is a good idea to know some basic terms. Berluti became famous because he used a single piece…

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Hublot Archive

The Hublot Archive is a collection of interesting information and facts about Hublot. It contains detailed information about the Hublot brand, its history, movements and technology, watches and partnerships. Here you will find, for example, an overview of all Hublot movements developed and produced since 2004, all Hublot Ferrari editions, all Hublot Masterpieces and much more. These contents exist up to now only in German language in the Blog 100percentpassion. On the final Hublot community website, this content will then also be available in English from autumn 2019.

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